Media Comment

‘Who?’ Some Media Comments

David Edwards, Feature in the Daily Mirror:

Obscure figures whose ideas shaped the modern world
“They are the heroes and villains behind some best-known creations. From the inventor of the bra to the man who put blood, sweat and tears into making deodorant, many have gone under the radar. Now you can read their stories in a new book, ‘Who?’ by Donough O’Brien.”

Lesley Dolphin, BBC Radio Suffolk:

“I just love these stories. All of them absolutely fascinating and probably the people we should know about.”

Louise Elliot, BBC Radio Wales:

“Humour is littered throughout your book – a skill of your writing. What a good idea, just fantastic to dip in to.”

Perry Stiller, BBC Radio Stoke:

“What I like is the book’s humanity – bite-sized biographies. My bedtime book, I read two stories from it a night.”

Pat Marsh, BBC Radio Kent:

“Every story will leave you surprised and enlightened.”

Wes Butters, BBC Radio Leeds:

“Really interesting – can’t help to read it to find out more. You can open it anywhere and lose yourself in that person’s life.”

Sue Dougan, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire:

“The book is fantastic, I tell you. It’s a real explanation of names that have been forgotten – and why they’ve been forgotten.”

Becky Clark, Soldier magazine:

“Who was the bravest man at Waterloo? Which Russian submariner saved the world from nuclear war in 1962? Who was Sam Browne? Author Donough O’Brien brings together 200 figures who should be household names but whose role in history has been forgotten.”

Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post Group:

“‘Who?’ is a real labour of love, a coruscating cornucopia of amazing facts and charismatic characters, some of them remarkable for their hidden deeds of merit, others for their deceitful, dangerous, crooked or cruel dealings, but all of them fiendishly fascinating.”

Sarah Naughton, Families:

“Each entry is either fascinating, moving, surprising or downright weird, and will highlight all the massive holes in your pub-quiz repertoire. This is the perfect book to grace the stockings of all fathers and grandfathers this Christmas (but personally speaking, I won’t be giving up my copy).”

Roger Poole, The Pharmaceutical Journal:

“The miscellany-of-facts genre of books has expanded greatly in recent years, but ‘Who?’ is well written in a light, often humorous style. It is well worth reading.”