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Quirky Fact 9
Rock ‘n’ Roll’s key instrument

George Beauchamp created the electric guitar, transforming all music and making rock ‘n’ roll possible

Quirky Fact 8
Thames cleaned up after ‘Great Stink’

After the ‘Great Stink’ of 1858, Joseph Bazalgette’s new and lasting drain system stopped the Thames from being an open sewer, which used to kill thousands of Londoners with cholera

Quirky Fact 7
Blind Date murderer

The forerunner of ‘Blind Date’ was the American ‘The Dating Game’, which once had a mass murderer, Rodney Alcala, on the show. Luckily, his date turned him down as ‘being creepy’!

Quirky Fact 6
Princess Diana’s point

Princess Diana used the Taj Mahal to make a point, because it was first built by Arjumand Banu’s husband as a ‘ memorial to love’.

Quirky Fact 5
Killer diabetes tamed

Frederick Banting, with insulin, transformed diabetes in 1922 from a sure killer to a treatable disease

Quirky Fact 4
The Cresta Run: a sport for invalids?

Johannes Badrutt created the Cresta Run to cure British invalids ‘with a little light tobogganing’

Quirky Fact 3
Hitler’s V-1 found

Constance Babington Smith, ace British aerial photo-analyst, in 1944 first spotted the VI ‘doodlebug’ at Peenemunde and warned of its danger.

Quirky Fact 2
Kennedy’s first dangerous girlfriend

Inga Arvad was Jack Kennedy’s first ‘ unsuitable’ girlfriend. To avoid their scandal, JFK was sent to the Pacific, became a hero and president , although still a randy one.

Quirky Fact 1
Cuban Missile Crisis, frightening fact

Vasili Arkhipov averted World War III in 1962 by stopping 4 Soviet submarines using their atomic torpedoes in the Cuban Missile Crisis’, Later he was dubbed ‘the guy who saved the world’.