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“Your vivid description of the Mille Miglia, and its tragic end, certainly brought back memories of that great, if daunting motor race.”

Sir Stirling Moss OBE (Winner of the 1955 Mille Miglia)

“Definitely a book to dip into from time to time for an hour or more’s remarkable details.”

Frederick Forsyth, Author

“As the book confirms, if we had remained true to Carter Glass we may never have had the global banking crisis.”

Lord Myners, former banker and Treasury Minister,

“It’s great to see that Harold Ridley is recognised among the ‘unsung’ heroes in Donough O’Brien’s new book, as his pioneering work has helped restore sight to many millions.”

Timothy ffytche, Ophthalmologist

“So ‘Mahogany Hall Stomp’ celebrates Lulu White’s magnificent New Orleans brothel, and not a dance hall as we thought. Wait till I tell the chaps the next time we play it. (We call it Hogmanay Hall Stomp, anyway.)”

Dick Laurie, leader, The Elastic Jazz Band

“Of course we’ve all heard of Les Paul and played ‘Les Paul’ guitars for years. But I never actually knew who invented the electric guitar in the beginning. I know now”

Scott Gorham, lead guitarist, Thin Lizzie

“I’m so pleased that the true story of the birth of the Dinner Jacket is told, and how it became later known as the Tuxedo. Thankfully the elegant White Tie and Tails, The Dress Suit still survives for more formal functions.”

Angus Cundey, Henry Poole, Savile Row

“I am delighted to read the observations about the crucial contribution that scientist/humanitarian Norman Borlaug made to enhancing crop production and feeding the world.”

Professor Malcolm Elliott, Founding Director, The Norman Borlaug Institute for Global Food Security, Editor in Chief, Agriculture and Food Security

“The piece on Adolph Mahr, ‘Dublin Nazi No 1’, reads very well. It’s amazing how you summarized in 700 words what took me 250 pages in my own book about him!”

Gerry Mullins, Author

“I thought I knew quite a lot about steam, but I had forgotten just how many figures of speech it has given us – and was positively amazed at the number of songs.”

Sir William McAlpine, Bt.

“I know it’s a bit of an Irish Guards family secret, but the story of how our great Irish Victoria Cross hero ‘Patrick Kenneally’ was actually an Englishman called Leslie Jackson is still rather amazing.”

Major-General Sir Robert Corbett, Irish Guards

“It’s good to see the shocking injustice to ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle being given an airing. A horrible example of the vindictiveness of the press towards someone talented and famous.”

Sir Tom Courtenay, Actor

“I love your piece on Eliza Acton!”

Mary Berry, TV Chef and Author