Monthly Archives: January 2014

Quirky Fact 23
Actor created drones and Marilyn Monroe

The first aerial drones were created by Reginald Denny, an English Hollywood actor. In his factory Marilyn Monroe was discovered

Quirky Fact 22
Country music takes off

Vernon Dalhart’s ‘Wreck of Old 97’ was the first ‘country-style’ song to sell a million, making record companies take ‘Country’ seriously

Quirky Fact 21
AGA cooker origins

Blinded by an accident, recuperating Gustav Dalen, Nobel Prize winner, designed a cooker for his wife that we call the AGA

Quirky Fact 20
New York’s origins

Nathaniel Courthope’s murder in the East Indies made the British capture New Amsterdam from the Dutch, creating New York’

Quirky Fact 19
First aircraft?

Yorkshireman George Cayley who made the first flying machine in 1853, was thought by the Wright Brothers to be ‘the father of aeronautics’