Monthly Archives: December 2013

Quirky Fact 18
Botox effect

Canadian eye doctor Jean Carruthers discovered the smoothing effects of BOTOX, but she never earned from its amazing growth

Quirky Fact 17
Root of Catholic priests’ problems?

Creating problems today, Pope Callixtus II in 1123 stopped priests from marrying – not for religious but property selling reasons

Quirky Fact 16
Afghanistan lesson?

William Brydon was the only survivor of a whole British army in Afghanistan in 1842. Have we learned?

Quirky Fact 15
Most famous belt in the world

Captain Samuel Browne, VC, lost his arm in battle and designed a sword belt he could use, which was soon called the ‘Sam Browne’, now worn all over the world

Quirky Fact 14
Hitler saved by mistake

Heinz Brandt, conspirator, moved Stauffenberg’s bomb-laden briefcase by mistake, saving Hitler’ life, but losing his own

Quirky Fact 13
Why do we boycott?

Charles Boycott, unpopular land agent in Ireland in 1880, gave us ‘to boycott’ – to ignore, shun or ostracize

Quirky Fact 12
Simon Cowell’s mentor?

The Major Bowes’s Original Amateur Hour talent show was Simon Cowell’s precursor of The X-Factor and Britain’s got Talent

Quirky Fact 11
GM food’s pioneer

Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug’s ‘Green Revolution’ made Mexico, India and Pakistan food self-sufficient, pioneering genetically modified crops. 75% of American food is now GM

Quirky Fact 9
Rock ‘n’ Roll’s key instrument

George Beauchamp created the electric guitar, transforming all music and making rock ‘n’ roll possible

Quirky Fact 8
Thames cleaned up after ‘Great Stink’

After the ‘Great Stink’ of 1858, Joseph Bazalgette’s new and lasting drain system stopped the Thames from being an open sewer, which used to kill thousands of Londoners with cholera

Quirky Fact 7
Blind Date murderer

The forerunner of ‘Blind Date’ was the American ‘The Dating Game’, which once had a mass murderer, Rodney Alcala, on the show. Luckily, his date turned him down as ‘being creepy’!

Quirky Fact 6
Princess Diana’s point

Princess Diana used the Taj Mahal to make a point, because it was first built by Arjumand Banu’s husband as a ‘ memorial to love’.

Quirky Fact 5
Killer diabetes tamed

Frederick Banting, with insulin, transformed diabetes in 1922 from a sure killer to a treatable disease

Quirky Fact 4
The Cresta Run: a sport for invalids?

Johannes Badrutt created the Cresta Run to cure British invalids ‘with a little light tobogganing’