The word ‘Quirky’ has all kinds of definitions: unconventional, far-out, off-beat, way-out, curious, eccentric, funny, unusual and unexpected
For our purposes, all very different from: crazy, outlandish, wacky, weirdo, screwy, fanciful, kinky, obsessive and flaky.

History is full enough of tedious stories and boring people. But it also abounds with splendidly strange events and impressively unconventional and creative characters, many of whom have shaped our world, and often against the flaccid and entrenched attitudes or even fierce resistance of the ‘establishment’ – whether in science, show-business, sport, medicine, warfare, business, politics or fashion.

And many of these stories and people have been overlooked, or overshadowed by less-deserving celebrity. This latest book seeks to put that right, and is called ‘Who?’ The most remarkable people you’ve never heard of.